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AI Robotic Suitcase

A new generation of smart convenience that follows or leads wherever you go.


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The hottest new smart luggage system that travelers and lifestyle gurus everywhere can’t stop talking about.

“Like scientific geek’s awesome mount in the sci-fi movies.”

Chaping S.
“When you are identified by ROVER SPEED,it is more loyal than a puppy.”

Hi K.
“The 20-inch suitcase is filled with unexpected and advanced technology”

Jiguo N.

A new generation of travel convenience is here

AI-powered, effortless autonomous control, obstacle avoidance with smartphone tracking and notifications – all created from the best mobility technology.

Hands-Free Control

Automatically stays close and matches your movement pace.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Maneuvers around obstacles and people to get right back on track quickly.

Intelligent Tracking

Rover Speed knows where you are and sends alerts when you are more than 2 meters away.

Artificial Intelligence Powered
Smart Auto Follow via Radar and Camera
Smartphone App Remote Control
LED Status Indicators
Removable Lithium Battery
“Grab and Go” Auto-Switch to Manual
Connect with Bluetooth
Built-In Power Bank
TSA-Compatible Smart Lock
Proximity Alarm and Alerts

Walk, run or dance - Rover Speed follows your lead!

Whether following on its own or being controlled by the smartphone app remote control, the Rover Speed is conveniently located within sight – right where you need it.

A travel robot built for a lifetime of adventures

Rover is manufactured with only the highest quality materials that will withstand the rigors of travel: sidewalks, trunks, automated baggage handling – no problem!

All Aluminum Frame
100% German Bayer Polycarbonate
Silent wheels with Retraction Activators
Ergonomic Handle with Sensors
6400 maH Rechargeable Battery
24 lbs Load Capacity

Easy access for charging for all your mobile devices

The built-in power bank can fully charge up to 8 mobile phones and keeps Rover Speed on the go for up to 12 miles. Recharge easily though its USB port or connect to a standard electrical outlet.

Grab the handle and go

Headed down the breeze way or speeding through a busy hotel? No need to fuss. Simply grab the handle and the Rover Speed automatically converts to manual mode.

Multiple locks secure your luggage no matter the situation

No need for padlocks and cable ties. Equipped with a rotate-to-open smart lock and an electronic lock controlled by the app, the Rover Speed is one of the most secure luggage options out there!

A TSA-approved lock ensures that your luggage is airport and airline friendly

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